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Praise-A-Palooza crowd


There is always something exciting going on at Six Flags! From internationally acclaimed holiday festivals to engagingly entertaining educational events to out-of-this-world live performances, our calendar is always booked with the best.

Churro Ride Time Event

August 23

J&J Snack Foods invites you to an exclusive ride time event!

Fall Blood Drive

September 4

Roll-up your sleeve and give back for a good cause.

#ThrowShine™ Day

September 5

#ThrowShine, not shade, to spread positivity and enjoy exclusive ride time!

Labor Day Weekend

September 5 - September 7

Celebrate the end of summer with the Biggest Thrills in Texas!

Fright Fest Presented by Snickers®

Select Days: September 19 - November 1

Thrills by day and Fright by night are back! 

Hiring Events

Online Anytime!

Work where you play! Interviews held weekly!

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